Home cinema installation
home cinema installation

Home cinema installation, smart home automation and home audio. We cover the South East of England across London, East Sussex & Kent. Ashdown Smart Entertainment offers you the ultimate sound and vision experience delivering the latest 4K movies and high-resolution music into every room of your home or your custom built home cinema.

Ashdown home cinema installation service not only offers you multi-room audio & TV distribution but they can make the technology disappear so you simply interact with your favourite movies and music from an easy-to-use interface, such as a hand-held remote, tablet or smartphone.
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Home Cinema Installation and Home Audio

Our home cinema installation, home audio and smart home automation systems use the finest technology available. Not only do we supply some of the finest equipment available on the market, but our home cinema craftsmen are able to create environments that will provide pleasure for many years to come. We will design, build and commission entertainment environments that suit your unique listening and viewing tastes.

home cinema installation
home cinema installation

Interior design

Ashdown Home work with some of the UK’s top interior designers in order to create sympathetically designed home cinemas. Attention to room acoustics, surface finishes, seating and lighting are all addressed at the design stage.

New home or extension

Take the opportunity to consider a home cinema when building a new home or extension. Plans can be made in advance therefore ensuring the proper wiring is in place avoiding costly interventions after your building is complete. We have a proven track record of excellent working relationships with other building professionals.


We only use the finest technology which is specifically tailored to each individual project.

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Home automation

Ashdown Smart Home Automation integrates all of the technology in your home thereby creating brilliant experiences that fit your life and are easy for your whole family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors or arm the security system. Check on your home from your smartphone too, no matter where you are.

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Smart Home Automation & Integration for:

  • Whole house, multi room audio systems
  • Gate & entry systems
  • Streaming and programming 4K movies and video
  • Locks & security
  • Lighting
  • Wifi
  • Pool control
  • CCTV
  • Water fountain control
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Climate
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fingerprint security
smart home automation

Automation & Integration

With full automation and integration we can allow your house to respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all.
There are many smart devices available today—TVs, thermostats, door locks, CCTV, blinds and curtains, even light bulbs that you can control with apps on your smartphone.
Integration allows all the apps and solutions to work together seamlessly. That, is when your home truly becomes smart.

Change the way you listen to music, forever. Fill your entire home with the same music or have your favourite playlist follow you from room to room.

Stream video from your own sources and links, throughout your home from room to room.

Blinds and Curtains
Program your blinds and curtains to close at dusk automatically or as you switch on your lighting. Remotely control your settings at home or from your smartphone.

Home secure
Check in on things at home from wherever you are. Receive alerts when someone enters the house, the garage door is left open, or a leak is detected in the  basement. Intelligent security gives you peace of mind so you can rest assured that all is safe.

Raise or dim any light in the room or brighten the entire house with a single touch or by using just your voice. Or have your lighting respond automatically to how you live.
It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

Access & CCTV systems
Operate doors, gates and locks remotely or via fingerprint scanning control or key fob. Monitor, record and stream closed circuit tv surveillance.

Adjust climate settings on the thermostat from a touch screen or smartphone. Allow temperature and humidity to adjust according to the season. Even light the fire without ever leaving the couch.

  • Wifi
    Strong, consistent wifi signal throughout our homes has become paramount. Continual unbroken access to the information highway and communications technology such as Netflix, Amazon, Skype and Spotify is now essential to our commercial and domestic lifestyles.
    Ashdown Smart Home offer a wifi installation and maintenance service that will give you optimum speed and coverage throughout your home, updating and maintaining your equipment ensuring you always have the latest technology in place


Home cinema design and build. Fully integrated with Smart Home automation.
Home-wide sound systems allowing control throughout your home.
Surround sound television systems.
High quality sound systems for audiophiles.
Outdoor sound systems.
Hidden speaker systems.
Colour matching of equipment.
Customised fabrication of hardware.


Integration of blinds, curtains and window controls.
Integration of gate and security systems.
Temperature and humidity control systems.
Implementing lighting design and control systems
Sound and visual intercom systems.
Seamless Wifi systems throughout your home and garden.
Away from home remote control via smartphones.
Control at home via smartphones and tablets.

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